Welcome to my Flight Simulator Page.

All the airfields offered here are designed to work with Microsoft Flight Simulator X SP2/Acceleration/Gold
My work is designed to blend with Photographic Scenery sold by Earth  Simulations Ltd, (ceased trading Jan 2015) and Horizon Simulations Ltd. Scenery available from  Scotflight is designed to work with Horizon Photo Scenery, FSX default scenery and by modification ORBX scenery.
Please note, modifications to work with ORBX scenery are undertaken by Scotflight with my Authorisation. As I don’t use ORBX I am unable to assist with any problems you may have.

My work  uses models created by a number of 3D scenery modelers from around the  world. To save the need for excessive downloads rather than include all  models with each airfield I have given them their own download space.  Each airfield has a parts list” in the form of a Readme” pdf document. Simply select the extra scenery items you require to make up the full  package. If you use the auto install feature and follow the guidelines  below you then need to download a scenery item only onces for it to  become active with all my work. Some airfields have custom made models  and those are included with the airfield download.

Using the Auto Installer
Fig1. Shows the Installer screen where by default the files will be  installed. This is the “C” drive. If you have installed FSX on a drive  other than “C” all you need do is change the letter ”C” to that of the  actual drive you wish it to install to before moving on from this  screen.



Fig 2.  Shows the file layout created by the Installer within Add-on Scenery of FSX.


The folders contain information as follows: -
Scenery - files required to control what appears at a given airport
Texture - files required to give buildings a physical appearance or colour
xReadme - Location of the Readme file that came with the download and which was offered for viewing during the install process.
Xtras Here - extra items like 3d auto generated scenery, AI traffic files. These are optional for you to install if you wish.

Activating the Scenery in Scenery Library
If you have followed the above the airfield(s) you have chosen are now on  your computer but will not be visible in the simulator. We have a few  simple steps left to make them visible and that is activating the  scenery in the Library.
Due to a problem in Windows 7 the install  process is slightly different at the end stage from that of XP. I hope  the pictures will help with guidance.

Fig 3.


We start by clicking on Scenery as arrowed. This then takes us to: -
Fig 4.


Click on Scenery Library and it takes us to: -
Fig 5.

Click Add Scenery and we are taken to: -
Fig 6.


Here we select the “AddonScenery” folder in “A”. This has the effect of displaying: -
ARM Scenery Files in “B” By hovering the mouse over ARM Scenery Files  the full path should be selected and displayed at C”. It should not be  necessary to click it.
What happens now differs between FSX in XP and FSX in Windows 7. In XP clicking on OK installs the scenery and it is displayed in the listing as shown in Fig 5. Your new scenery will be at position 1 until such time as other scenery is added when it will slip  down the listing.
If you are using Windows 7 when you click OK  instead of adding the listing it takes you one level deeper into the  file structure. All you need to do at this point is click in the empty  space as shown in Fig 7 below. This will take you back to the same  position as you would have been in with XP at Fig 6.

Fig 7

You should now be back as per Fig 6 and your new scenery is listed at  position 1. Now click OK again. The scenery library should now be  rebuilt and you will return to Fig 4. The scenery should now appear when you go to the airfield in question

Additional Scenery
Many people prefer to have the additional scenery items downloaded to a Static Objects Library. This permits you to keep the majority of  scenery items away from Airfields and allows you to switch one off  without disabling the other should you for example wish to use a payware airfield or try another freeware version.

All the scenery packages contain Readme” files from the respective authors together with copy write notices. Many refer to installation in FS9 and not FSX. All the files I have used have been checked for compatibility  with FSX. I use them all myself and have no problem with them.

If you wish to use a Static Object Library I have placed an Installer in the Utilities Library that will work like the airfield installer  referred to above. Follow the same installation instructions. Note that  the directories will initially be empty.

When you download a set of scenery the rule of thumb for installation is as follows: -
Anything ending in bgl or BGL goes in the Scenery folder. Anything in a folder  called Fx goes into the default Effects folder within the main FSX tree  structure and everything else can go into the Static Objects Library  Texture folder.


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