I am happy to report that for a limited time only Paul Chaney is re-opening the Horizon Simulations web site to enable customers who wish to purchase ‘missing volumes’ from their set to do so.
The web shop is available here:
The volumes can be supplied on USB, either your own sent in or via one purchased in the shop.. All volumes contain the same data previously available on DVD.

Please note this web site has no connection whatsoever with Horizon Simulations. This message is posted for information only.

Version 2 of the Jersey Photo Scenery project is available for download from the Jersey page. These tiles have not been made by the same process as Version 1 so are much more compact. Disc space requirements are reduced by something like 70%. In consequence you must disable or remove Version 1 before installing Version 2.

Version 2 now contains a full water mask for both sea and inland water. Ted is still working on his major modelling project for St Hellier but I have included the Beta files to give and idea of the finished work.

Please Note: Many of the file links on this site are to my Public Dropbox account. Unfortunately Dropbox are to close all  ‘Public’ boxes at the end of March 2017 making them Private and thus breaking all links.

Commencing immediately I will be moving the files to various new locations and updating the page links as I do so. If you try to download a file and the link does not work, please let me know.

Work has been completed on Catherine Breakwater. All nearby buildings now included together with Fauvic House which overlooks the previously released Fauvic Tower.

Due to the number of small updates to Jersey they have now been combined into a single set of downloads and the Jersey page updated accordingly. The newest updates included are dated 10/12/16 and commence structuring the buildings around Catherine Breakwater.

The Jersey Project has been updated. The latest files add the following: Archirondal Tower, Catherine Tower, Catherine Breakwater and Light, La Maison Lifeboat Station and a few Seagulls. The terrain file has had major revisional work along the coast road from Mont Orgueil to Catherine Breakwater.

The Island of Jersey in full Photo Scenery. Previously this has been for limited circulation via a restricted page. The scenery comes to slightly over 1GB in size as a download. It includes a full custom airfield with detailed buildings and markings, a full AGN tree pack and numerous other detailed buildings including Elizabeth Castle, Mont Orgueil Castle, no less than 16 ‘Martello’ type watch towers (not all on land), lighthouses and watch towers from WW2.

Please note that this scenery can not be used with UK2000’s version of Jersey Airport. Removing the included airport will remove all 3D content. The included terrain file is not compatible with any other airport.

Jersey can now be accessed via the Photo Scenery link.

Gloucester Airport has been released in detail and can be downloaded from the Full Scenery section - Tony Meredith. The airfield has been done in detail and there are many buildings adjacent to the field and one on approach that you will need to name.

My previous agreement with Horizon Simulations to supply Volumes 3 & 7 of the VFR Photo Series in association with Scotflight has now ended

I would like to thank the guys at Scotflight for handling the advertising and sales during the last two months.

I can advise that Horizon are now looking to re-market all ten volumes via various media and possibly download. I am not aware of a time scale but you can register an interest by visiting the Horizon site:

A new update has been added to the Jersey Project for Beta Testers

Please Note: A download service or DVD delivery is not being offered under my present agreement.

New web site uploaded. Number of available models will be increased in following weeks.

Weston-Super-Mare - Helicopter Museum
Weston-Super-Mare made by Ted Andrews and based on photo’s supplied by the staff and friends of the museum.
If you have any other version of this airfield then it should be removed  prior to installing this one. As the old fixed wing runway is now part  of a new dual carriage-way it has been included.

Guernsey Airport Update - Earth Simulations Compatible
Guernsey Airport is presently being expanded with a runway extension and extra  capacity on the apron. This package contains all the files needed to  update the airfield as issued with the ES Guernsey package. The files  will not function as a standalone airfield.
The package is compatible with Prepar3d version 2, however, licensing restrictions apply.

Lang Ness, Scarlett Point & Calf Rock, Isle of Man
3D scenery  models for the Langness area of the Isle of Man. Includes  remains of St Mary’s Church, Castle with cannon, Hotel and Golf complex, various barns and outbuildings together with the Herring Tower and Lang Ness Lighthouse.
The lighthouse flashes from Dusk, the foghorn sound when in the proximity and the Herring Tower activates seagulls nearby.
Scarlett Point was the site of the old RAF Scarlett, Chain Home Radar Station.  Now just a few bunkers remain together with farm buildings and country  houses. The old Watch Tower is now home to the Manx Amateur Radio Club.  Latest update now includes the three Calf of Man Lighthouses and Chicken Rock Light. All components are included.

Volume 7: Scotland Central
Two patches available. The first one covers an ambiguous selection choice  in the installer where only one other photo scenery set is installed not both. The replacement Hydropoly set allows for either Volume 6 or 8 to  be missing.
The second is a BAT file to remove a number of 5mDTM  files which conflict resulting in a grove in a section of remote  scenery. Removing the files allows the scenery to display as it should.

Isle of Man Scenery Upgrade
needs Earth Simulations Scenery for compatibility
This package contains models for the buildings, bridge and museum that make  up the ‘Bungalow’ area. Also contains buildings and masts for the summit of Snaefell

KGEY South Big Horn Released
Designed to work with Blue Sky Photo Scenery of the USA it is also available via

Pack  contains many custom made buildings together with a selection of static  aircraft by renown aircraft modelers. Details of where to download  flyable versions are included in the documentation

FS9 Blending File - EICK Cork - Volume 10
The file will remove the Cliffs/Canyon effect from the FS9 versions of this airfield. It is also designed to work with the deluxe airfield from  Eire Simulations.
Available from Patch page.

Craigleith Patch - Volume 8
During final compile an error occurred in the Hydropoly which affects  Craigleith Island. George Davison has made a new file to correct the  problem and it is now available from the patch page.

A small project to bring you Loch Lomond AI seaplanes.
Routed between Glasgow, Oban, Loch Lomond and Tobormoray you have a custom  textured (default FSX) Beaver and a fully custom made Caravan. The  latter is the work of Ted Andrews and both enjoy a custom FX wake by Mr  Holgar Sandmann. Holgar also wrote the guide I used to get these  aircraft to function on “concrete water”
If you have MyTrafficX you  should disable the included runways and use those from this package.  Users of Scotflight 2.3 already have the runways in your download.

After an absence of almost a year I am pleased to announce that Ted Harris is back to making his Lincolnshire historical airfields. Now available  from Ted’s page is RAF Binbrook set in the days of the famous “Lightening” Jet Fighters. This scenery  requires the downloading of other items to complete the look. Please see included Readme file.

EGLA Bodmin updated to version 1.2 with the inclusion two further files for trees around the airfield.

X7AM Abergavenny home to Pioneer Aircraft and Avionics UK. A small 480m  grass strip services the hangar and offices. Set beside a busy main road in hilly and wooded terrain this is not the place to take your big  aircraft.

EGNY Beverley-Linley Hill
. Home to the Hull Aero Club has been added. This  is a fully self contained package with all building models custom made  to available photographs.

EGLA Bodmin. Home to the Cornwall  Flying Club. This is a fully self contained package with all building  models fully custom made to available photographs. As the Helipad and  fueling point are located at a different level this has been modeled as XBOD

A number of Volume 10 - Ireland (West) users have reported problems with  the blending files associated with the Innish Islands. A patch covering  all three of the Innish airfields is now available from the Patch  Page. Please unzip the file and allow the content to overwrite the files installed from the DVD.

I am pleased to announce that a High Detail version of UK Compton Abbas Airfield has been completed.

Working with Mr Ted Andrews and Mr Howard J Curtis, (photographer), every building and resident vehicle has been reproduced.
Whilst designed to work with Horizon/Playhorizon Photo Scenery Volume 1 the airfield will also work with default scenery
Please remember this is a complete airfield no other scenery files are required.

New Spike removal patch added covering an area within the Brecon Beacons. I believe that this problem is present in Scenery Versions 2 and 3 of  Volume 2.

ENBseries (freeware version) Light Bloom and Visual Control replacement by Vorontsov Boris
Files and Install instructions added to the Utilities Page. The settings file included here is by Mark Abdey

IDTileX by George Davidson added to the Utility Page. George has updated this  handy utility to handle the latest Volumes from PlayHorizon. It now  works with Ireland East and West and both volumes of the Scottish Isles.

EGXW Waddington. Error in PDF - missing file reference corrected.
If you have this scenery already, please download and install by James Dhaenens

Missing File Patch added for Playhorizon Volume 5 Orkney & Shetland Isles.

Bidford Gliding Centre by Paul Smith added to his page, access via Index 2.
The Gliding centre is situated just South West of Bidford on Avon and about 2 miles from Evesham

Horizon Patch file updated to include an anomaly located near Northampton. See Patch Page for further details.

(1) Horizon Patch file, updated to remove default land mass from Northern  end of Kielder Water in Volume 3. Please note that a part of the newly  exposed water was not colour matched during production by Horizon. This  is nothing to do with using this patch.

(2) RAF Cosford airfield  has been rebuilt with a new hand painted scenery tile to better  represent the Airfield/Museum parking area. Modified agn files also  included to match the scenery tile. The pack also contains Longmynd  Gliding Centre and extensive AGN coverage.

Scenery files added for Refineries in England and Wales together with an  optional add-on of enhanced scenery for Immingham and Milford Haven

New section added for AI Aircraft and Traffic Files.
Available now, the AI aircraft files as demonstrated at the recent  Weston-Super-Mare Flight Simulation Show held at the Helicopter Museum.

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