Henry Tomkiewicz

AI Aircraft and Traffic file for Earth Simulations Isles of Scilly
The original aircraft were produced by Henry Tomkiewicz and given freely to the flight simulation community. Henry was also kind enough to supply a flyable aircraft and a paint pack so we can all do our own versions. I am please to include that aircraft below also.

The following is a reprint of Henry’s Legal Requirement.
Legal Stuff:
Copyright 2004, Henry Tomkiewicz. All rights reserved.
This aircraft model is freeware. All repaints, enhancements or modifications are welcome, but must remain free. No exceptions. User accepts all risk of use

AI Pack: Unzip to a temporary location and then move the Traffic_EGHE.bgl to  either your World\Scenery folder or the St Mary’s Scenery folder. Unzip  and Move the aircraft files into your Sim Objects\Aircraft folder.  Restart FSX and the aircraft will be present. They fly to various  airports based on the Summer 2010 timetable.



Aircraft and Repaint pack:
Unzip to a temporary location then move to Sim Objects\Aircraft

Download BN2 Islander


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