Airfields 8.

EGXP Scampton
Home to the Red Arrows the airfield is partly reduced to care and  maintenance. To this end no parking allocation has been made to the  North side of the runway. Extensive use is made of Ted Andrews RAF  Buildings with contributions by James Dhaenens, Sidney Schwartz and  others. My thanks to them all. Please see the Readme for important  information.


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Visit Cornwall
Airfields included are, RNAS Culdrose, Predannack, St Just (Lands End) and Penzance Heliport.
All airfield have been blended and have FSX Road Traffic in the area  together with flight obstacles, otherwise known as birds. Also included  are two optional AGN packages which require installing separately. See  included Readme pdf.





EGCV Sleap, RAF Shawbury & RAF Ternhill.
RAF Shawbury is presently home to the Helicopter Training School serving  all three of the armed services. It is also home to the Military ATC  School.
RAF Ternhill is presently the main satellite station of RAF  Shawbury. Nearby Sleap airfield although now given over to civilian use  is also visited by the trainee helicopter pilots.


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EGXT - RAF Wittering
RAF Wittering is the home of the A4 expeditionary logistics hub.RAF  Wittering is also host to a variety of other important units and  maintains an active airfield in support of Joint Force Harrier.
Established in 1916 on Wittering Heath as a Royal Flying Corps base for No 38 Home  Defence Sqn's anti-Zeppelin BE2C and BE12 fighters, RAF Wittering is one of the oldest RAF Airfields.

RAF Wittering

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X9AN - Andreas - Isle of Man
Now used mainly for Gliding this small airfield to the North of the Island is somewhere to visit on your way around Britain


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X4PS Samlesbury, nr Preston
The engineers based at this little airfield were responsible for the  Canberra bomber and EE Lightning fighter aircraft. The former had a  world altitude record the latter a world speed record. It was also  involved in the politically killed TSR2 project. Presently involved in  work on the Eurofighter. FS9 AI File by Gerry Winskill


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XEGD Davidstow Moor - Parts 1 & 2
Choose between Davidstow Moor circa 1945 with three full length runways and  40+ dispersal points and the present day variant with deteriorated  runways suitable for the brave Ultralight Pilot or Powered Hang Glider. Also contains two scenery modules one for each era. You can of course  mix and match.

Davidstow 1940

Davidstow 2010

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