Airfields 10.

X5CK Cark.
Opened in 1941 the airfield was used by RAF Flying Training Command. Operationally the base closed in 1945.
It is now the home base for the North West Parachute Centre.





EGCB Manchester Barton
Original home to the oldest flying club in the world, The Lancashire Aero Club.  This model is graced by the superb  custom made control tower from  scenery author David Morgan. Also included a full AGN tree pack  covering the tile in which the airfield appears. There are also four  texture files included previously missing from the static objects  library. My thanks to Ron Jeffers and David Morgan for these.

Downwinf Manchester Barton

Download Manchester  Barton



EGUW Wattisham
Previously the home of RAF Lightnings and GR4. In its days as a front line base. It is now home to the Army Air Corp. and is a training base for  Helicopter Crew. This version will give the best of both worlds with  Parking for Fixed and Rotary Wing Aircraft. The specialists of the RAF SAR Unit and local Police Helicopter are also available. This is a  joint venture with David Morgan who has made the Control Tower and HAS  units. The airfield also features Ted Andrews new RAF models. Files  for  Apache Static aircraft by Rick Piper.


Download Wattisham



EGSH Norwich,
Built in the late 1930’s RAF Horsham St Faith became operational in 1940. She subsequently served both the RAF and USAF before becoming Norwich  Airport in 1960.
The files include an extra airfield located within 15nm of Norwich. You can not fly large aircraft from it, other than that  its there for you to find.

EGSH Norwich

Download Norwich



X2HM Hamble -The Home of AV Roe and Fairey Aviation - by Trevor Clark
The airfield was used for over 50 years but sadly is no more.
This version has been produced from memory by Trevor who commenced his ATC  training here in the early 1970’s, (rumor has it before he could or  needed to shave). Please see the included Readme file for further  details.

Hamble Airfield c1970

Download Hamble



X1BA Bognor by Trevor Clark- This airfield no longer exists in the photo scenery but those of you who would like an old WW2 airfield may wish to install it.
As with the other airfields in this section you will need to download a  number of extra scenery files if you do not already have them. Details  included in the documentation.


Download Bognor



EGNY Linley Hill, East Yorkshire by Trevor Clark.
Small airfield but great tea in the clubroom. Why not stop in when passing.

Linley Hill Airfield

Download Lindley Hill

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