Airfields 6.

EG54 Bruntinthorpe & X3HU Husbands Bosworth
Opened in 1942 Bruntingthorpe has served both the RAF and USAF, the latter  using the B-47 Statojet. The base closed in 1962 and is now home to the air worthy Avro Vulcan XH558.
RAF Husbands Bosworth was operational between 1943 & 1946. The site has now been returned to agricultural use with the exception of the Gliding School and East Midlands Police  Air Support Unit, (also modeled).


Download  Bruntingthorpe



EGSC Cambridge.
Only three miles from the world famous Cambridge University and City  center. Operated by privately owned Marshall Aerospace specializing in  military refurbishment and upgrades and full aircraft servicing. Load  the optional scenery files to see the Fat Alberts being worked on  Road traffic around the airfield is  also included as is Autogen Scenery to match the photographic background.

Cambridge Approach

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EGVN Brize Norton & EGQK Kinloss
RAF Brize Norton
is the largest station within the RAF. It is the home of the Air to  Air Tanker Fleet and Transport Command. It is also the base of  operations for flights to the South Atlantic and the Falkland Island. RAF Kinloss is the home of the Nimrod Fleet. The pack includes agn scenery files  and flight plans. Please note the Kinloss files are not required and  should be removed if Scotflight scenery is active.

Brize Plan

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EGTD Dunsfold
Operated now by Dunsfold Park Ltd this was formerly a development center for  BAE. Inaugural test flights of the Harrier Jet were flown here. The  site is now probably know World wide as the home to a TV Motoring  program. The test track layout has been faithfully recreated by Scott  White. Scott has also custom made the BA hangar featured in this  layout. My thanks to Scott for helping create not only an airfield but  also a race track. Please note, the Tall one, the Hamster and Cpt. Slow  are not included.


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EG56 (X3HH) Hinton-In-The-Hedges.
2nm West of Brackley. This airfield was missed by Microsoft so is a new  addition to FSX. It has three runways but only one fit for take-offs.  Landing on the other two is recommended emergency use only. The  airfield has a thriving pilot training and parachute center. An agn  pack is included for use if you wish to enhance the area.


Download Hinton-in -the-Hedges



X5LS RAF Lissett.
Opened in 1943 this Halifax Bomber Base on the Yorkshire coast of England  suffered many operational losses. I was asked to make this model by the  son of one of the pilots who flew from RAF Lissett. I am pleased to  have been able to help. My thanks also to Ted Andrews who has again  supplied the model buildings and to Alphasim for making the Halifax  aircraft freely available via Avsim.

RAF Lisset - 1943

Download Hinton-in -the-Hedges



UK11 (X4YR) Rufforth Airfield.
Another former WW2 Airfield, today it serves as two airfields in one. The  Yorkshire Gliding Club function in the Western area of the airfield  whilst the Rufforth Microlight Center operates in the Eastern area. As  the airfield had a single runway designated UK11 in the default  simulator this version uses the default designation for Gliding and  X4YR for the Microlight Centre. The UK safetycom frequency is shared  between them.

Rufforth Airfield

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