Airfields 4.

EGNT Newcastle.
Opened in 1935 the Airport originally had a grass runway, a hangar, a garage  and a workshop. It cost 35,000.00p to build. With the advent of package holidays the airport began to expand and this has continued to  the present day. The screen shot is of the new Super Control Tower. Custom made model by Ted Andrews.


Download Newcastle



EGNS Ronaldsway
The Ronaldsway area of the IOM has been used for landing and aircraft  takeoff since the early 1930’s. It became a hard runway in the late  1930’s when seconded to the Royal Air Force as a Gunnery Training  School. The airport has recently been expanded with a new  Control Tower and main runway extension.


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EGBE Coventry.
Home to Air Atlantique Vintage Airlines and now the hub for Thompsonfly  (TUI AG). The airport was opened in 1933 and served during WW2 as RAF  Baginton. Being only 13 miles from Birmingham  International its continued expansion has met strong opposition.


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EGWC Cosford + Bonus Long Mynd Gliding Centre.
Opened in 1938, RAF Cosford was the central apprentice technical training centre for the RAF.
Cosford is now home to the Royal Air Force Museum. The new buildings making up the museum have been custom modeled for this release by Mr Ted Andrews. Please visit: -  for details of the museum.
For those wishing to fly from a mountain top Long Mynd is the place for you. Take your Foxbat or Glider for stunning views.


Download Cosford & Long Mynd



EG55 St Michaels Microlight Centre.
Located outside Preston in Lancashire this center twins with Ince Microlight  Center some miles to the South. Training flights frequently take place  between the two.


Download Mt Michaels Microlights



EGDL - RAF Lyneham
Royal Air Force Lyneham is home to the RAF’s  Tactical Air Transport Force -  the Hercules aircraft - and is one of the largest and busiest  operational stations in the RAF.
John Brain has  once again worked  his magic and created a set of FSX Trees for the Lyneham area. John's  file may be used without installing the airfield.

Skyplan RAF Lynham

Download RAF Lynham



EGNM Leeds/Bradford
Also known as Yeadon airfield in its RAF day. It became famous on TV news  in early 2008 when footage was shown of aircraft attempting to land in  very strong cross winds.
The airport file (ADE) and blend file have been updated February 2015. All the ‘extra’ scenery models are also now available from the Objects Library here on the site.

Leeds Bradford

Download Leeds Bradford

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