Airfields 3.

X4IN Ince Blundell -Microlight Centre
Located South East of RAF Woodvale the centre was opened in 1992 and employs 3 full time Instructor. Of the three grass strips, 18/36 is the most  interesting being of 380m length. Takeoff from 36 requires accurate climb out to ensure missing power cables located almost immediately  across the river boundary. The poles and cables are in place and crash detection is active! The nearby village and several farms are also modeled. The main village street has night lighting.


Download Ince Blundell



EGOW Woodvale
Opened in 1941 as a night fighter base for the defense of Liverpool. The site originally had 3 runways but this has been reduced to two active in  recent years. The site is now used by ACFT University Air Squadron and  as a RAF air traffic control centre. Also included is nearby Birkdale  Sands. Land on the beach but beware of the sea.

RAF Woodvale
Birkdale Sands

Download  Woodvale & Birkdale



EGNO Warton.
Home to the Lightning, Nimrod, TSR2, Panavia Tornado and Typhoon. Many  aircraft have been developed at this site since 1947. The airfield now  has an assortment of aircraft parking options including 11 Military  Combat, 5 Military Transport, 2 Large Commercial, 2 GA and 1 Helipad.
To bring the site to life why not  include AI Typhoons from UKMIL. File will give you active aircraft. The UKMIL included  Traffic File is in FS9 format. Not to worry, a full FSX traffic file is included with the airfield files should you wish to use it.


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EGNC Carlisle
Originally RAF Crosby-on-Eden, this airfield has been owned by Carlisle Council  since 1960. Recently expansion plans have been announced to  rebuild/implement a new runway, build a new passenger and freight  terminal and introduce schedule flights. The site is home to a thriving flight school and is used at weekend as a parachute centre.


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EGCD Manchester Woodford.
Opened in 1929 by the Avro Aircraft Company. The airfield has undergone many  changes and produced many fine aircraft including the Lancaster,  Shackleton, Vulcan, Nimrod and HS146. Today it is a BAE Production  Center.

Manchester Woodford

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UK03/EGTN Enstone Airfield. (Standard Version, also see below entry)
Actually two airfields in one in its present form. 08L/26R is operated by The  Maintenance Facility and is a 1020m grass strip enclosed in a fenced  area. Straight approaches a must. The remaining Asphalt and grass strips are operated by Oxfordshire Sport Flying Club. A full agn scenery  package is included should you wish to use it.


Download Enston Standard



UK03/EGTN Enstone Airfield. (Deluxe Custom Version)
This deluxe version has been fully custom modeled by Tim Arnot and Ian Melville.The detail is simply stunning and worthy of being classed as payware
A full agn scenery package is also available should you wish to use it.


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