Airfields 2.

EGKB Biggin Hill.
One of the most famous Airfields in Britain.  Pivotal to the defence of  London during WW2, it is now an Airport,  hosting aircraft from around  the world and having its own Terminal  Building and Customs post. The  airport has been the set for many films  including The Da Vinci Code

Biggin Hill
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EGCK Caernarfon.
Once known as RAF¬  Llandwrog. During the Second World War the airfield was  home to Bomber  Command where gunners, radio operators and navigators  were trained  before being sent on their missions. This was the original home of the RAF Mountain Rescue teams.
Please note this airfield has a corrected height. See included readme.

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EGLK Blackbushe
Originally RAF Hartfordbridge the airfield was  opened in 1942. Used as a base for Spitfires and Mosquitos it was also  home to the Free French Squadron  (Lorraine)
Since 1960 the airfield has been in Private ownership.  Subsequently taken over by British Car  Auctions it has been developed  in recent years.

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EGDC - Chivenor was originally a civilian airfield opened in the  1930’s. Taken into  military use during WW2 it is presently the Royal  Marine Base Chivenor. The only RAF activity on site is Flight 22  Squadron with two Sea  King Search and Rescue Helicopters. These famously¬  saw action saving  lives during the freak flooding at Boscastle  Fortunately the Marines  have moved their vehicles from the runways so  you can use them.

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EIAB - Abbeyshrule - Ireland
With thanks to Michael Fallon who  allowed me to modify his excellent FS9  airfield to work within FSX. This airfield is located in Co. Longford,  Ireland, almost in the center of  the country and clear of all  controlled airspace. It was established in  the 1970’s and has a  thriving Air Flight training center and aircraft  sales center.

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Jurby - Isle of Man
Opened in 1939 the airfield was handed to  civilian use in 1972. The airfield  was a diversion airfield for  Ronaldsway for a number of years but the site now contains a new prison beside the runway. It is also used for car and motor cycle racing. The Control  Tower which is still in use has been  restored and is a listed building.  This package includes custom agn  trees for use with photographic  scenery.







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