Airfields 1.

EGNL - Barrow (Walney Island)
Previously an RAF base used for Navigator training and before that saw action  during the war as a target training base for gunners. Now owned by BAE  Systems the airfield has recently had Runway refurbishment and ILS  installed. David Morgan has very kindly made the custom Control Tower  and John Gardener the custom fuel tanks. This file has included AI  aircraft by Gerry Winskill to whom I am most grateful for his work.
The taxiways have been closed to represent the present day.
Please see FSX page for details of the auto installer.

EGNL Walney Island

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EGGD Bristol
Bristol Lulsgate opened for business in 1957 as a civilian airport. The airport expanded steadily and became Bristol International Airport in 1997.
In January 2007 many flights were cancelled due to problems with the  resurfaced runway retaining water causing poor braking efficiency. The  runway was closed and remedial work carried out.
The Airport could expect to handle some 12m passengers by 2030, requiring a longer runway and a terminal extension

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EGCN Doncaster Sheffield
RAF Finningley opened in 1936 and is best known as the front line Bomber Command base during World War II and the Cold War.
Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield, the UK's newest purpose built  international Airport, is built on the site of this former Royal Air  Force airbase.


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Regional Plus
EGNV Durham Teeside, EGNJ Humberside together with
EG0E North Coates and EGNB Brough
All models have complementary road traffic and some have animated animals or birds.
If you have TrafficX or MyTrafficX installed you will have instantly  populated airfields and airports at these sites. Also included a small  traffic file to create movement between Brough and North Coates.

Durham Busy Day
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The Yorkshire Four
Linton-on-Ouse, Dishforth, Topcliffe & Leeming
Four famous Yorkshire Airfields containing detailed RAF Buildings by Ted  Andrews, custom FSX lighting by James Dhaenens, animated gates by Len  Hickman & aditional scenery by Ron Jeffers. Also contains extensive  tree coverage for the area together with animated birds and moving road  traffic.
Updated file 22/12/08. Now contains static scenery by Rick Piper.

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